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JUKE CHINA Specialized inhigh frequency Transformer OEM,Motors OEM, Controller, Inductor,Servo Drives produce design suppliers, OEM, ODM Electrical factory quoted price.

    Our transformer products are widely used in switching power supplies, medical equipment, communication equipment, aerospace, industrial equipment, household appliances, digital products, automotive electronics, LED drive circuits, inverters, inverters, rectifiers, computer power supplies, power adapters. And so on.

    Our products are advanced in technology, stable in performance, low in loss, strong in anti-interference performance and beautiful in appearance. the business covers more than ten countries and regions such as the Middle East, the United States, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Europe and the Indonesia.



CNC130 automatic tape mach

Panel controller for automatic or semi-automatic t..

3IK20GN-C Standard gear re

3IK20GN-C Standard gear r..

3IK20JGN-C for Automatic t

3IK20JGN-C for Automatic taping machine Custom mot..

EE transformer Manufacture

EE transformer full model specification sheetWe pr..

TNC-910H toroidal winding

toroidal winding machine ..

JK80-6E15-94-6000 Automati

Automation equipment parts motor 600WBasic paramet..

Stepping motor CNC winding

Stepping motor CNC winding machine dedicated stepp..

CNC200A winding machine co

CNC200A winding machine controller (three-axis)par..



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