High frequency transformer winding principle and precautions

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High frequency transformer winding principle and precautions

 In today's society, electronic products serve all consumers. Electrical accidents are not uncommon. Good electronic components determine good electronic products. Are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic components limited to the quality of materials? Does that have a major relationship with the production process?

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the material, the High frequency transformer is the key to the manufacturing process.

 1. Determine the parameters of the skeleton;

2, the cross line must be taped to isolate;

3. All winding requirements are flat and do not overlap as the principle;

4, a single set of windings can be a monochromatic line, two sets of windings must be dip-lined with two-color lines or open lines to avoid pinning.
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 The principle of high-frequency transformer winding is flat and uniform:

1. The dredging is completely evenly separated;

2. The tight winding wire is even and tight;

3. The two sides of the coil and the edge of the winding groove maintain a sufficient safety distance A, B;

4. The edge of the tape is flush with the winding groove, the tape is not skewed, and it is not broken and not damaged;

5. Tape must be applied under the line to keep the insulation across the material line and the bottom coil;

6. The outermost tape is cut on the core combination surface, and the cutting place must be covered by the iron core;

7. The length of the casing must be sufficient. One end extends into the safety tape of the bobbin and the other end extends out of the BOBBIN, but not near the PIN.

It can be seen that the advantages and disadvantages of high-frequency transformers are not completely limited to the quality of the product materials, but also have a great relationship with the winding process and production methods. And our giant industrial high-frequency transformers choose high-quality materials, and through the relevant testing; winding technology, production methods also have technical content, so the high-quality transformers of the giant industrial high-frequency transformers will come from this.