Core understanding of power transformer

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Core understanding of power transformer
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    The iron core of the Power Transformer is one of its important components. It is generally made of silicon steel sheet. It can generate large magnetic induction, which reduces the size of the power transformer and has a better running space.

1, silicon steel sheet
The silicon steel sheet for power transformers is a 0.3~0.5mm thick cold silicon steel sheet. At present, only two manufacturers in China can produce such cold silicon steel sheets. However, silicon steel sheets for large transformers are also imported from Japan.
2, the structure of the iron core
(1) Single-phase two-column core for various single-phase transformers.
(2) Single-phase segment column yoke core for high-voltage large-capacity single-phase transformer.
(3) Single-phase two-column yoke core for high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage large-capacity single-phase transformers.
(4) The three-phase three-column is an iron core used for various three-phase transformers.
(5) Five-column core for large-capacity three-phase transformers.
Through the understanding of silicon steel sheets and iron cores of power transformers, it is found that different iron cores have different internal compositions and different transformers. Once a certain structure is selected, it is difficult to produce another structure.