Performance characteristics of oil-immersed power transformers

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Performance characteristics of oil-immersed power transformers

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Performance characteristics of oil-immersed Power Transformers

There are many types of transformers on the market today. What are the transformers, do you know? It is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage. The main components are the primary coil, the secondary coil and the iron core (magnetic core). Next, let Xiaobian talk to me about the transformer classification and the performance characteristics of the oil-immersed power transformer.

1. According to the number of windings, it can be divided into two-winding transformer and three-winding transformer. A typical transformer is a two-winding transformer, that is, there are two windings on the core, one for the primary winding and one for the secondary winding. The three-winding transformer is a larger capacity transformer (above 5600 kVA) for connecting three different voltage transmission lines. In special cases, there are also transformers that use more windings.

2. According to the structural form, it can be divided into iron core transformer and iron shell transformer. If the winding is wrapped around the core, it is a core-type transformer; if the core is wrapped around the winding, it is an iron-shell transformer. The two are only slightly different in structure, and there is no essential difference in principle. Power transformers are all iron core type.

3, according to insulation and cooling conditions, can be divided into oil-immersed transformers and dry-type transformers. In order to strengthen the insulation and cooling conditions, the core and windings of the transformer are immersed together in a tank filled with transformer oil. In special cases, such as street lights and mine lighting, dry-type transformers are also used.

In addition, there are a variety of special transformers for special purposes. For example, high-voltage transformers for testing, transformers for electric furnaces, transformers for electric welding, and transformers for thyristor circuits are used to measure voltage transformers and current transformers of meters.
Performance characteristics of oil-immersed power transformers.jpg

First, oil immersed power transformer performance characteristics

1. The low-voltage winding of oil-immersed transformer adopts copper wire around the small-capacity low-voltage winding, generally adopts the cylindrical structure of copper foil winding; the high-voltage winding adopts multi-layer cylindrical structure to balance the ampule distribution of the winding and magnetic leakage. Small, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to short circuit.
2. The iron core and the winding are respectively tightened. The fastening parts such as the height and low voltage lead of the machine are equipped with self-locking locknuts. They adopt a non-suspension structure and can withstand the shock of transportation.
3. The coil and core are vacuum dried, and the transformer oil adopts the process of vacuum oil filtering and oil filling to minimize the moisture inside the transformer.
4, the fuel tank uses corrugated sheet, it has a breathing function to compensate for the volume change of the oil caused by temperature changes, so the product does not have a storage tank, which obviously reduces the height of the transformer.
5. Since the corrugated sheet replaces the oil conservator, the transformer oil is isolated from the outside world, thus effectively preventing the entry of oxygen and moisture and causing a decrease in insulation performance.
6. According to the above five performances, it is guaranteed that the oil-immersed transformer does not need to change oil in normal operation, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the transformer and prolongs the service life of the transformer.