What is the load of the power transformer?

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What is the load of the Power Transformer?

Most of the load types in power systems are inductive loads, and power electronics companies generally use power electronics to make grid power factor low. The lower power factor reduces equipment utilization, increases power supply investment, impairs voltage quality, reduces equipment life, and greatly increases line losses.

In order to improve the energy waste caused by the low power factor of the grid and the factors of these unfavorable power supply production, the power factor of the grid must be effectively improved. Obviously, it is unreasonable that these reactive powers are supplied by the generator and transmitted over long distances, and it is usually impossible. A reasonable approach is to generate reactive power where reactive power is required, that is, to increase reactive power compensation equipment and devices.
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The ES-2010 low-voltage reactive power compensation device adopts a high-power thyristor switching switch. The controller can control the thyristor switch to quickly switch the multi-stage capacitor group according to the system voltage, reactive power and two-phase criterion. The thyristor switch adopts the zero-crossing trigger mode, which can realize the capacitor without inrush current and no impact input, and achieve the purpose of stabilizing the system voltage, compensating the grid reactive power, improving the power factor, and improving the load carrying capacity of the transformer. Can be widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum, port, chemical, building materials and other industrial and mining enterprises and residential distribution systems.