How much damage does the electromagnetic radiation of the power transformer have on the body?

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How much damage does the electromagnetic radiation of the Power Transformer have on the body?
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  With the improvement of living standards, the various electrical appliances we use now have relatively many electromagnetic radiations, which we all call electromagnetic radiation pollution. The transformer is also around us, so how much electromagnetic radiation does it have with respect to the transformer's large electrical equipment? Will it cause harm to the human body? Let us take a look at the electromagnetic radiation of the transformer.

  Transformer radiation is not harmful to the human body, and transformers will generate transformer radiation during operation. If this electromagnetic radiation exceeds the specified energy limit, electromagnetic radiation contamination will form. Electromagnetic radiation pollution can cause many hazards. The harm to the human body is mainly caused by human autonomic dysfunction, blood pressure, blood phase imbalance, and even damage to the eyes. We humans are surrounded by various electromagnetic radiations. Natural magnetic fields, sunlight, etc. emit different radiations, but only when the radiation intensity exceeds a certain value (safety value), it will cause harm to the human body, that is, We usually call electromagnetic pollution.
    When we turn on the TV at home, the electromagnetic field around us is much stronger than the transmission line. The Earth itself also has a geomagnetic field. Comparing the Earth's magnetic field existing on Earth with the magnetic field generated by power transmission and transformation facilities can also lead to interesting conclusions: the geomagnetic field data observed in Beijing is 54 microtesla, when the magnetic field In the case of reversal, the maximum intensity is about 100 micro-tesla, which is 50 to 100 times the electromagnetic field of the power transmission and transformation facility. This shows that people live in the electromagnetic field of dozens of Tesla almost without any feeling, even the staff who are on duty 24 hours a day in the substation will not be affected.

The electromagnetic radiation of the transformer is actually insignificant, but for the sake of safety, it is recommended that everyone stay away from it so as not to cause harm to the human body.