Transformer manufacturers talk to you about the steps to repair the transformer

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Transformer manufacturers talk to you about the steps to repair the transformer

Transformer is an important electrical equipment that must be used in our production and life. For transformers, it can control the voltage and current in the circuit, realize the stability of the voltage in the circuit, and can enhance the greater effect in the power equipment. This is more conducive to production and life. When the transformer is troubleshooting, it is also necessary to pay attention to many problems. The common method of maintenance should be based on the type of transformer to carry out comprehensive selection and maintenance methods. The following are related problems that the transformer has to go through during maintenance. The following is a detailed introduction of the transformer manufacturer:
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Before the repair, the outer ring of the ring-shaped IK device and the high and low-voltage isolation are tightly wrapped with a layer of transparent tape. This tape is a kind of insulating tape that can withstand high temperature and is difficult to find, so the ring-shaped torque converter is removed. Try to keep the tape intact and not to lose it. Since the inner ring of the toroidal transformer is not large and there is no opening, the enameled wire can only be passed through the inner ring one turn and one turn, so it is better to make a winding plate. The length is 15 20 (m, the width can be changed according to the inner ring size of the toroidal transformer. Generally, the inner ring radius size is good, and a concave n is opened at each end, which can prevent the enameled wire from loosening, and the material can be made of thin splint or Made of plastic plate, untie the damaged outer ring of the toroidal transformer, you can see the secondary winding. Before the secondary winding is removed, in order to make the maintenance work fast and accurate, you can carefully check the primary of the toroidal transformer. Where the winding damage is located, because the secondary winding is good, the primary winding can be seen through the secondary winding enameled wire to see if there is obvious burning focus. Sometimes the primary winding is blown, there will be obvious black spots in the fault location. Or the high and low voltage isolation tape is also burned through, so that the starting end of the secondary winding can be determined. If the primary winding open point is near the end of the secondary output end, it can be opened from this end when disassembled, and the work can be achieved with less effort. The effect is that when the fault point cannot be found, it is only necessary to carefully remove it at a certain end, and directly wrap the removed enameled wire on the winding board. If there are multiple windings Winding a plurality of boards, and there will a total of about two-winding wound on a winding board.

During the disassembly process, be careful to remove the damaged part of the primary winding. When removing the damaged part, stop it. Carefully cut the tape outside the primary winding to expose the breaking point. Use the multimeter 10Q to measure the resistance between the circuit breaker point and the two input leads. The resistance between the input lines of the ring transformer is basically equal to the sum of the above two resistance values. If a resistance value is a, it indicates that there is a circuit breaker point, too small. Description is shorted. When it is proved that the fault point is only the place, local repair can be performed. It is only necessary to connect the enameled wire of the same specification and put on the insulating sleeve. When wiring, be sure to open the interface where the insulation of the enameled wire is bright. How many turns should be replenished after removing the ring? If the insulating tape at the core is burned through, you must find a large enough insulating paper to wrap it. Wrap around. The joint should be wrapped in a twisted shape and then repaired. Do not use a simple lap welding method to completely destroy the primary winding. The new winding must be removed. The m winding is around the primary winding. The number of turns is determined by the actual number. However, most of the Sun-shaped transformers are not marked with data, and the number of the latter can be cut off, and the number is directly counted on the iron core. Since the windings are arranged, the lines do not intersect and the points are easy. The disassembly sequence is: firstly remove the secondary winding, generally the secondary winding enameled wire is intact, can be reused, and then the isolation insulation tape is removed, then the primary winding is removed, the burned insulation is removed, and the new insulation tape is replaced if necessary. How to wind the wire is also a difficult point, because the hand T:. The winding can only pass the enameled wire from the inner side of the toroidal transformer core to the other side one by one, and it is impossible to pass a large roll of enameled wire through the inner hole of the core. Under the amateur conditions, you can first weigh the weight of the original primary winding enameled wire, and then take the phase out of the new line. The re-winding is first wound on the winding board. To prevent it, you can pre-add 5~10% enameled wire. It can be wound, and the winding direction is generally the same as the original. After winding, it is not necessary to separate the polar coils. Do not overlap the enameled wires. Try to tighten them tightly. Do not circle the enameled wire. After the primary winding is wound according to the original number of turns, the excess should be cut off, the power supply lead wire is welded, the tape is wrapped, and the original secondary winding is wound back, as long as the winding between the original lines is completed, and finally, The outer layer is also wrapped with tape, conditionally dipped in paint, and finally energized.

The maintenance of the transformer must pay attention to the common methods and some major steps. Only if the steps and methods are flexible, then the effect of the transformer can be improved. The relevant performance of the transformer and the maintenance steps of the transformer are our transformers. The manufacturer will still discuss with you, welcome everyone to communicate with us!