Transformer manufacturers explain what technologies are used to solve the faults of transformers

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Transformer manufacturers explain what technologies are used to solve the faults of transformers

The application fields of transformers are relatively wide, and they have many uses in various applications. There are many problems to be noted in the use of transformers. In general, the technology commonly used for transformers is also Mastering the common transformer technology is also very useful in solving actual operating conditions. In solving the fault, the technology introduced by the transformer manufacturer is mainly applied in the following points:
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1 common interference pathway

(1) Airborne radiation mode. Spread in the air by electromagnetic waves.

(2) Line propagation mode. Mainly spread through the power network.

(3) Inductive mode between lines. The electromagnetic induction generated by the inductance or the electrostatic induction generated by the capacitance is transmitted by means of line inductance.

2 interference source elimination

(1) The high frequency and high power DC welding machine should be far away from the transformer. The grounding of the welder itself should be good.

(2) The IGBT surge absorber should be installed at the on/off contact of the electromagnet.

(3) Contactors with transformers installed in the same electrical cabinet should be removed from inferior products. To choose a product with low noise and good arc extinguishing effect. If necessary, add an RC surge absorber.

(4) The impedance of the power supply should be low, so as to avoid the start and stop of hundreds of kilowatts of electrical appliances nearby, causing an instantaneous sudden change in the input voltage of the transformer.

(5) The phase voltage of the power supply should be flat, so as to avoid the 220V single-phase input transformer operating under undervoltage or overvoltage conditions.

(6) For the self-generator system of the user's factory, the output power supply voltage should not be high or low. To avoid mutations, be stable.

3 common measures for transformer anti-interference

(1) The E end of the transformer should be connected to the control cabinet and the outer casing of the motor. To be connected to the security ground, the grounding resistance should be less than 100Ω, which can absorb the surge interference.

(2) An inductive magnetic loop filter is installed at the input or output of the transformer. Take Delta KG series transformers as an example (there are many transformer brand manuals available in specifications), and the flatness is 3-4 turns, which helps to suppress higher harmonics (this method is simple and easy to operate, and the price is low). If it is necessary to further strengthen the anti-jamming effect, the filter device conforming to the EMC standard for the Delta transformer can be selected (the Delta transformer manual is available in specifications).

The above is the application of various technologies introduced by the transformer manufacturer and the effect to be achieved for everyone's reference. If the technology of the transformer is not up to standard and not in place, the fault of the transformer is not solved perfectly. For more technical questions about transformers, please pay attention to our website or consult our technical staff for assistance.