The latest development path of power transformers

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The latest development path of power transformers

The dry-type transformers in China continue to develop and innovate and promote the application in large quantities. The domestic design and manufacturing technology has reached the world-class level, and the future dry-type transformers are expected to be further developed.

The development of multi-fields is mainly from distribution transformers, to multi-purpose and multi-field development of power plant excitation, plant use, rail transit traction rectification, high-current electric furnace, nuclear power plant, marine and oil production platform. The loss of a single transformer after they are connected in series and in parallel is very large. The secondary output voltage of each power transformer will be lower than the above calculation.

When the Power Transformer is connected in series and parallel, pay attention to the same name of the transformer. When it is used in series, it should be serialized and cannot be reversed. When used in parallel, the same name and the same name should be used together, otherwise the transformer will be burnt.

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The above is only an ideal algorithm. In fact, the development trend of the latest power dry-type transformers is high. China has produced tens of thousands of dry-type transformers, which are used in various fields, key projects and major projects. The requirements are self-evident. In the electromagnetic field theory and its calculation, casting process, hot spot temperature rise, partial discharge mechanism, quality assurance system, reliability engineering, etc., a large number of basic research, active reliability certification, and further improve the reliability of dry-type transformers, will be people The unremitting pursuit is also a long-term issue for dry change design manufacturers.