How to reduce the loss of power transformers

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How to reduce the loss of power transformers

Dry-type Power Transformers, we know that it is a very widely used transformer, it is widely used in many occasions. It is a very important kind of conversion equipment in the power system. However, it is also negligent that it is also energy consumption. Large households, its loss accounts for half of the entire network loss, so that the loss of the transformer is reduced and the eyebrows are burned. So, how do we reduce the energy consumption of dry-type transformers? Let's analyze it together.

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On the one hand, it is necessary to reduce the data loss of the transformer. Silicon steel sheets, steel, insulation materials, electromagnetic wires, transformer oil, etc. are all necessary materials for transformers. These materials require a lot of power. The savings of these materials directly saves power.

On the other hand, it is the loss of the transformer. Transformer losses include no-load losses and load losses. In order to reduce the load loss, it is necessary to use copper or select the transposition wire. For the reduction of no-load loss, use the falling magnetic density, and use silicon steel sheet or good silicon steel sheet, etc., so that the transformer production cost is added, correspondingly The sales price is also added. It is necessary to consider how long the money needs to be recovered. The internal gas in the transformer is divided into two parts: one is the internal insulation of the transformer body and the gas in the coil, and the other part. It is the gas stored in the transformer accessory, including the radiator, the oil purifier, the pressure release valve, the oil storage cabinet, etc.; when the transformer body is evacuated, their space and the transformer body block each other from the internal space to be exhausted. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the exhaust after vacuum oiling and replenishing the transformer. Exhaust is a very important operation in one step. The specific method is: “first down and then on, block the fuel tank and drain separately”.