In what ways does the insulation performance of power transformers improve?

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In what ways does the insulation performance of power transformers improve?


    The Power Transformer is the core of the power equipment. It is actually an electrical appliance. It is easy to use and improves economic efficiency. It is an important electrical equipment. For the use of power transformers, it is necessary to pay attention to safety. In order to use the safety performance, it is necessary to strengthen the insulation performance of the power transformer, and set multiple protection measures to make the power transformer pay attention to safety performance during use. For the safety performance of the power transformer, the following points are generally achieved to ensure its insulation performance:

1. Inter-turn insulation. The windings of oil-type power transformers are generally wound by cable paper. Because paper is used as the 匝 insulation of the power transformer windings, because the dielectric constant of the paper is not much different from that of the oil, the electric field distribution can be made uniform, but we must also pay attention to the data that cannot be completely broken down by the oil gap. Choose the insulation thickness of the crucible, we still need to retain enough degrees.

2. Insulation between layers and between segments. Interlayer insulation is primarily suitable for cylindrical windings. When the working voltage between the two layers is high, the interlayer insulation must be thicker, which not only increases the radial dimension of the power transformer winding, but also is not conducive to heat dissipation, so that the temperature of the power transformer winding increases.

3. Longitudinal insulation structure of oil-type power transformer: power transformer of 35 kV and below; total insulation of power transformer of 110 kV or more.

The above is the introduction and protection of the insulation of the power transformer. For the power transformer, if the relevant measures are taken from such aspects, the insulation of the power transformer can be improved and the insulation can be improved. Related safety, so it is important to enhance these aspects of the power transformer!