Coil stripping of power transformer

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Coil stripping of power transformer


   1. Power Transformer The coil is not allowed to use the fan to blow the cast body to prevent the quenching effect from fission. The copper nozzles in all materials must be cleaned to avoid affecting the power transformer test, misdiagnosed as coil turns deviation, DC resistance imbalance fault or dagger.

         2, the panel fastening screws, after curing the material and difficult to remove, it is not difficult to prevent the screw from breaking. Open power transformer models cannot be used to help demolish molds with dirty gloves. Because the coil temperature is higher than 100 °C, the success of bending and bending is not completely cured. After staining, the dyeing is easy to contact the coil. The appearance of the coil is found to be elongated and not solidified at the end of the local power transformer coil. Do not touch or remove.

         3. The external model of the demolition power transformer is not pulled hard, and the surface of the coil is inspected for defects. Area defects Immediately check the mold and handling of the corresponding part to avoid similar situations.