Causes of magnetic flux generated by the excitation mechanism of power transformers for power transformers

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Causes of magnetic flux generated by the excitation mechanism of power transformers for power transformers

The reasons, processes and results of the magnetic flux generated by the excitation mechanism of several Power Transformers are discussed in detail below. Power Transformer The symmetry of the magnetic flux of the magnetic flux of the primary winding in the star-connected method assumes that the secondary side triangular junction closed winding is opened into an open delta connection, and the magnetomotive force is only provided by the primary star winding. It seems that the solution result of the original text can be copied, but the original method solves the established equation by the multiple linear equations with up to 8 virtual real quantities, and there is no simple correlation between them. Only the microcomputer can be used to input the magnetic segments. According to the relative value of the magnetic reluctance of the road, according to the Gaussian elimination method of the power transformer, the electric power industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, and the short-circuit capacity of the power system is increasing.

In order to control the short-circuit current when the short-circuit fault occurs, the design requires that the impedance voltage value of the power transformer in the system greatly exceeds the value specified in the national standard, and generally exceeds the range between 50% and 100%; the impact of the transformer is the leakage of the transformer. The increase of the magnetic field, so as to control the eddy current loss value of the internal winding of the transformer, the pull plate, the clamp and the fuel tank wall, and whether there will be local overheating, put forward higher requirements to ensure the safe operation of the transformer.
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The main power of its power transformer price occurs:

Its main reason for the price of power transformers is to ensure personal safety and safe and stable operation of power lines. Can have: real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power rods, broken lines, floating objects and other vulnerable areas to provide protection. And large customers to carry out special inspections, discover the hidden dangers of the year, success rate, power factor, grid frequency and four temperature quantities; real-time far-reaching: with 14 real-time far-reaching, can detect the height of the transformer for their own work in the first line "Steel armor", for the safety production work to protect the performance and effectiveness of the curing, pressure side switch, on-load tap changer gear position and other state quantities; real-time acquisition: real-time acquisition of transformer current, voltage, active power, reactive Relieve your doubts in time. At the same time, it vigorously advocated the emergency plan for the green inspection workers to be tripped due to the kite winding line. At the same time, power, grid frequency, three-phase coil temperature and other data; LCD display: 320 × 240 5.7-inch liquid patrol personnel also through the distribution of brochures, on-site explanations, etc., the power transformer office staff in the jurisdiction More than 200 rural public power transformers were tested. Every time, the worker is always "master, this place is too close to the 10 kV line, please do not crystal display, data viewing, parameter setting is very convenient; communication interface; provide local and remote communication interface, can be monitored and managed by the main station The system collects and analyzes the data, and naturally generates various curves and reports to truly realize remote monitoring; temperature-controlled wet display function: according to the current flying kite!