How does the oil-immersed transformer factory overhaul the transformer?

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How does the oil-immersed transformer factory overhaul the transformer?

 In the daily management of the transformer, it should be continuously overhauled. There are some precautions and steps in the overhaul. Only the correct steps and methods can be used for maintenance, and the transformer can function better. The oil-immersed transformer factory should pay attention to many problems when it is being overhauled. Let's take a look.
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First, the preparation of the oil-immersed transformer before the overhaul
1. Before the inspection, it must be reported to the supervisor. After the approval, the operation can be carried out under the supervision of the safety guardian.
2. Before repairing the oil-immersed transformer, prepare all kinds of tools and safety fire-fighting equipment required.
Second, oil-immersed transformer maintenance steps
1. First remove the transformer heating cable and insulation cotton, and switch the process flow to the inspection state.
2. Disconnect the pilot from the pressure guiding tube and remove the pilot.
3. After disassembling the pilot, clean the parts of the pilot with cleaning fluid, apply butter to the sealing part, check the coating oil for damage, and check the valve needle for wear. If there is no abnormality, reassemble the pilot.
4. Remove the regulating valve from the pressure regulating block, and clean the regulating film and the guide pressure guiding hole.
5. Check if the film is deformed or damaged. If it is damaged, replace it in time. Wipe the seals, reassemble the regulator, and install the regulator and pilot onto the block.
6. Set the pressure of the transformer according to the operating procedure to check if the pressure adjustment is sensitive.
7. Check the sensitivity of the emergency shut-off valve according to the setting procedure of the emergency shut-off valve. Lubricate the moving parts of the emergency shut-off valve.
8. Clean the equipment and tools on the site and return the tool to the toolbox.
Third, the oil immersed transformer maintenance considerations
1. The operators who participate in the overhaul must obey the command orders of the on-site commanders and clearly define their respective responsibilities.
2. Before the maintenance work, the technicians will be given technical and safety coverage.
3. Inflammable and explosive materials and fire sources are not allowed within 10 meters in the working area, and the working safety zone with a radius of 20 meters or more centered on the working point is specified.
4. The maintenance personnel must wear labor protection equipment. The operation personnel must be monitored by safety personnel. The guardian must judge and confirm the operation, and find that the violation operation must be stopped in time.
5. Explosion-proof tools, explosion-proof equipment, etc. must be used in the work area.
6. After the transformer is overhauled, it must be re-adjusted to meet the production requirements before it can be put into operation.
7. In case of rainy days and other abnormal phenomena, the work should be suspended first and the on-site commander should be reported in time.
Transformer is an important place to improve and adjust the voltage. It should be strengthened and maintained during normal use, which helps to improve the overall running speed of the transformer and ensure the safe operation of the transformer.