What are the uses of power transformers?

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What are the uses of power transformers?

What is the role of the power transformer tap changer?

The tap changer of the Power Transformer is used to regulate the output voltage of the transformer. Since the voltages in the power system grid are not exactly the same, in order to make the transformer output the rated voltage no matter where it is installed in the grid, multiple taps are set in the high voltage winding of the transformer, and the tap is connected to the tap changer. Connected to the grid through switches.

In this way, the turns ratio of the high and low voltage windings of the transformer can be changed by the tap changer and the different transformer winding taps, thereby achieving the purpose of adjusting the output voltage of the transformer.

There are two types of taps: no-load regulation and on-load regulation. The former can only adjust the tap changer position after the transformer is disconnected from the grid, while the latter can adjust the tap position in the transformer operating condition.

General distribution transformers, if there is no special requirement, use the unloaded tap changer switch, the adjustment grade is ±5% rated voltage, and the capacity is slightly larger, it can be ±2X2.5%. With the on-load tap changer, there are many combinations of ±5X1.25%, ±7X1.0%, and so on.

Use of power transformer
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Modern industrial companies use electricity as a source of energy, and power from power plants often needs to be transmitted over long distances to reach areas of electricity use. When the transmitted power is constant, the higher the transmission voltage, the smaller the current required. Because the voltage drop is proportional to the current.

The line loss is proportional to the square of the current, so lower line voltage drop and line loss can be obtained with higher transmission voltage. It is difficult to manufacture a generator with a high voltage. Therefore, the generator should be used with special equipment. After the voltage of the terminal rises, it is sent out. This special equipment is the transformer.

On the other hand, at the power receiving end, the step-down transformer must be used to reduce the high voltage to the voltage of the power distribution system, so the high voltage is reduced to a suitable value for use through a series of distribution transformers.

As can be seen from the above, the transformer is a static induction device that transmits AC power by changing the voltage. In the power system, the status of the transformer is very important, not only the required quantity, but also good performance and safe operation.

In addition to being used in power systems, transformers are also used in industrial and mining enterprises that require special power supplies. For example: electric furnace transformer for smelting, rectifier transformer for electrolysis or chemical industry, electric welding transformer for welding, test transformer for test, traction transformer for transportation, reactor for compensation, arc suppression coil for protection, measurement Transformers, etc.