Transformer manufacturers introduce technical measures for transformer installation

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Transformer manufacturers introduce technical measures for transformer installation

        In recent years, China's power products have increased, laying the foundation for the construction of power supply infrastructure. Transformer manufacturer Juke Industrial Xiaobian introduced as the basic setting of power supply, the operation status of substation often affects the safety and stability of the entire power grid system. Based on this, the transformer manufacturers stressed that in order to make greater breakthroughs in the development of the electric power industry, the relevant state departments are strengthening this work and actively carry out relevant operation and maintenance work to promote the improvement of various benefits. Technical measures.
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First, the oil storage cabinet installation technology

Before the installation of the oil conservator, the transformer manufacturer reminds him to clean it, and at the same time check the loss and integrity of the capsule. When the bracket is equipped and installed, it is placed at the top cover of the transformer and passed through. The screw fixes its position. In the process, it is necessary to avoid screwing the screw too tightly, which provides more convenience for the change work in the later position error. After that, the remaining parts are sequentially installed. At the end of the installation work, the transformer manufacturer emphasizes that the position of the parts is accurate or not, and the screws are tightened, and the installation work of the oil storage cabinet is finished.

Second, the fuse should be installed

In the construction process of the power distribution project, after installing the transformer main body, the transformer manufacturer emphasizes that the fuse should be installed and should be located on both sides of the transformer. The transformer manufacturer reminds that when the fuse is installed on the high voltage side of the transformer, it should ensure that the vertical distance has a specified distance between the ground and the bottom of the fuse, and the horizontal distance between the two adjacent fuses should be within the specified range. .

Third, install the arrester

In order to ensure that safety and stability are fully reflected in the power distribution system, the transformer manufacturer introduces the lightning arrester on the transformer to reduce the probability of lightning hitting the transformer. During the use of the arrester, the current can be effectively interrupted, so that it can not enter the high and low voltage lines, so that the short circuit phenomenon can be effectively prevented. The transformer manufacturer reminds that when installing the arrester, the stability in the welding point is that the technician should pay attention to carefully measure the installation position during the installation process. The position should be close to the transformer high-pressure pipe, which helps the lightning current in the transformer. The probability of intrusion, as a result, the probability that the transformer will be damaged by high voltage and current will be greatly reduced.

Fourth, the radiator installation technology

The transformer manufacturer emphasizes that the radiator in the transformer can be said to be one of the key components. It can greatly help the heat discharge of the transformer during operation. The timely heat dissipation can prevent the burnout problem caused by the excessive heat of the transformer, laying a foundation for the safe use and operation of the transformer. Solid foundation. The transformer manufacturer also introduced that when installing the transformer, the installation of the radiator can be said to be a key part. The installation and construction personnel need to check whether the sealing performance is up to standard or not, and pay attention to the previously installed oil flow indicator and oil pump. In turn, the oil flow indicating device is aligned in the direction of the arrow and the direction of the oil flow.
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The above is the several aspects of the technical measures for transformer installation introduced by the transformer manufacturer Juke Industrial. In addition, it should also be added to the oil conservator from the injection and discharge oil pipe on the gas storage box of the oil conservator. Transformer manufacturer Juke Industry reminds the butterfly valve at both ends of the gas relay to open when refueling, and opens the venting plug on the butterfly valve at the end of the oil-injection pipe. After the oil is spilled, the butterfly valve is closed and the oil is injected slightly higher than the normal oil level. Close the butterfly valve and take off the union. After the oil is filled, let it stand for two days, then open the venting plug on the upper part of the casing, radiator, and connecting pipe, and the exhaust nozzle on the membrane in the oil conservator for exhausting, and close the plug after the oil overflows.