What are the main components of the power transformer?

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What are the main components of the power transformer?

The main components of power transformers are:

1. Moisture absorber (silicone tube): The insulating oil in the oil storage cabinet (oil pillow) communicates with the atmosphere through the moisture absorber. The desiccant absorbs moisture and impurities in the air to maintain the good insulation performance of the internal winding of the transformer.

2, oil level meter: reflect the oil level of the transformer, generally around +20O, too high to drain oil, too low to refuel.

3. Oil pillow: adjust the oil volume of the fuel tank to prevent the transformer oil from oxidizing excessively. The upper part has oiling holes.

4. Explosion-proof pipe: Prevent sudden accidents from causing explosion hazard due to pressure accumulation in the fuel tank.

5, signal thermometer: monitor the transformer operating temperature, send a signal. Indicates the upper oil temperature of the transformer, and the transformer coil temperature is 10 °C higher than the upper oil temperature.

6. Tap-changer: Change the voltage ratio by changing the high-voltage winding taps to increase or decrease the number of winding turns.

7, gas signal relay: (gas relay) light gas, heavy gas signal protection.

Power transformer operation precautions:

1, can not overload operation: long-term overload operation, will cause the coil to heat, so that the insulation gradually aging, resulting in a short circuit.

2, often check the insulation oil quality: oil quality should be tested regularly, unqualified oil should be replaced in time, or take other measures.

3, to prevent transformer iron core insulation aging damage, iron core long-term heating caused by insulation aging.

4. Prevent inadvertent damage to the insulation due to maintenance. If it is found to be damaged, it will be disposed of in time.

5. Ensure that the wires are in good contact and the contact is poor and local overheating occurs.

6. To prevent lightning strikes, the transformer will burn out due to breakdown of insulation.

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