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Rectifier transformer characteristics

Performance characteristics

(1) Stable electrical performance
The product combines load characteristics and grid voltage fluctuations, atmospheric overvoltage conditions, according to the load condition of the rectifier transformer, determines a reasonable and reliable insulation level and insulation model to fully ensure the electrical performance of the product is reliable and stable. Product environmental safety factor ≥ 1.67.

(2) High degree of dynamic stability

The product winding has high mechanical strength and strong anti-burst ability to meet the extremely harsh load environment. In the design and manufacturing process, the source of dynamic instability caused by leakage flux of the transformer or abnormal transportation may be eliminated. The product has high dynamic stability. High resistance, 30% higher impedance than power transformers of the same capacity to suppress di/dt and effectively protect the rectifier components.

(3) good thermal stability

Advanced product design, strictly control the heating part of the product and the hottest temperature rise, and leave sufficient temperature rise margin. If necessary, add axial oil passage to the coil, and select the cooling method according to the coil load loss value. The oil flow is distributed to achieve the best cooling effect, and the main temperature rise indicators are at least 5 °C lower than the national standard. The coil and the lead wire are made of copper wire, and the current density is selected to be low.

(4) Strong overload capability

The product has strong overload capacity and over-voltage capability. It can operate safely for a long time under rated load. It can operate at full load for a long time under 110% over-voltage (ambient temperature 40°C); terminal connected to transformer and motor It can withstand 1.5 times the rated current and lasts for 5 seconds. Product design and manufacturing fully consider the load characteristics, and meet the overload requirements from temperature rise, insulation performance and accessory selection.

(5) Superior performance indicators

The design and manufacturing value of the no-load current is lower than the national standard value of the S9 series transformer of the same capacity, and the economy and reliability of the user are fully utilized.

(6) The power saving effect is obvious and the noise is low (“65dB”).

(7) The structure is simplified and the appearance is beautiful; the oil tank adopts the anti-leakage design process, which can prevent the leakage of the fuel tank.
Structural features

(1) iron core

The 30Q130 high-conductivity silicon steel sheet is used, and the selected 3-6 stage step-lap core stacking step-by-step lamination method reduces the no-load loss, no-load current and noise.

(2) Winding

The electromagnetic wire adopts high-conductivity oxygen-free copper wire, and the winding adopts a whole set of new technology of cylindrical, double-cake and new spiral structure, which makes the product structure more compact, and the main insulation can be effectively guaranteed to the first and last layers. Strengthened to improve insulation performance. The outer surface of the winding is wound with a high-strength tightening belt, which improves the mechanical strength of the winding and greatly improves the impact resistance and short-circuit resistance of the product.

(3) body

The insulation blocks of the body are supported by high-strength laminated wood and laminated cardboard, so that the support area of the ends of the windings is over 95%, which further improves the short-circuit resistance of the products and improves the operational reliability of the products. The connection between the body and the cover adopts a rigid buffer structure, which overcomes the phenomenon of "hanging" and "top cover" of the body. The insulating materials are wrapped with high-strength, high-density cable paper, and the allowable pressure should be 45Mpa.

(4) fuel tank

The fuel tank adopts the heat-dissipating oil pipe (the double-row and the three-row oil pipe adopt the inserting method), or the step-plate type heat sink increases the heat-dissipating capacity under the same wall area; the calculation can also be installed according to the user's requirements. Corrugated fuel tank, and strong oil air-cooled or strong oil water-cooled radiator. Fuel tank surface treatment: The transformer shell paint adopts “three anti-paint” (anti-salt mist, anti-humidity heat, anti-mold), the paint and primer have strong adhesion, good decoration, film oil resistance, corrosion resistance, gloss retention, Good color retention, good leveling and hiding power.

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