What types of transformers?

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What types of transformers?
First, according to the number of phases

1. Single-phase transformer: used for single-phase load and three-phase transformer group.

2. Three-phase transformer: used for the rise and fall voltage of the three-phase system.

Second, according to the cooling method

1. Dry-type transformer: It relies on air convection for natural cooling or increased fan cooling. It is mostly used for small-capacity transformers such as high-rise buildings, high-speed toll stations, local lighting, and electronic circuits.

2. Oil-immersed transformer: rely on oil as cooling medium, such as oil-immersed self-cooling, oil-immersed air-cooled, oil-immersed water-cooled, forced oil circulation, etc.

Third, by purpose

1. Power transformer: used for the rise and fall voltage of transmission and distribution systems.

2. Instrument transformers: such as voltage transformers, current transformers, measuring instruments and relay protection devices.

3. Test transformer: It can generate high voltage and carry out high voltage test on electrical equipment.

4. Special transformers: such as electric furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, regulating transformers, capacitor transformers, phase shifting transformers, etc.

Fourth, according to the form of winding

1. Double winding transformer: used to connect two voltage levels in the power system.

2, three winding transformer: generally used in power system regional substation, connected to three voltage levels.

3, auto-transformer: used to connect different voltage power systems. Can also be used as a normal boost or post-down transformer.

Extended data

First, the cooling method of the transformer

1. Oil immersion natural cooling method

2, oil-immersed air-cooled

3, forced oil circulation water-cooled

4, forced oil circulation air-cooled

5, forced oil circulation guided cooling

Second, the action principle of transformer gas relay

When the internal fault of the transformer occurs, the generated gas collects in the upper part of the gas relay to lower the oil level. When the oil level is reduced to a certain extent, the floating buoy sinks the silver to the ground and sends a signal. When the internal fault of the transformer is severe, the oil flows against the baffle.

The baffle plate deflects and drives the connecting rod behind the plate to rotate upward, and the interlocking ring connected with the mercury contact is activated to make the mercury joint rotate to both sides perpendicular to the oil flow, and the two mercury contacts are simultaneously turned on to cause the circuit breaker to trip or transmit signal.

Third, the conditions of the parallel transformer

1, the voltage ratio is the same, allowing a difference of ± 0.5%;

2, the percentage impedance is equal, allowing a difference of ± 10%;

3. The wiring group is the same.

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