What is the design principle of high frequency transformer?

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What is the design principle of high frequency transformer?

The high-frequency transformer is a power transformer with a working frequency exceeding the intermediate frequency (10 kHz). It is mainly used for high-frequency switching power supply transformers in high-frequency switching power supplies, and also for high-frequency inverters in high-frequency inverter power supplies and high-frequency inverter welding machines. Variable power transformer.


The high-frequency transformer is a product with the property of the commodity. Therefore, the design principle of the high-frequency power transformer is the same as that of other commodities, and the performance-price ratio is the best in pursuing the specific function under the specific use conditions. Sometimes performance and efficiency may be biased, and sometimes price and cost may be biased. Nowadays, light, thin, short and small have become the development direction of high-frequency power supply, which emphasizes reducing costs.

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Among them, high-frequency power transformers, which have become a difficult point, need to be carefully considered in this aspect. The design principle of high-frequency transformers can be carefully considered, and a better single-chip switching power supply with less than 10VA can be transmitted. High-frequency transformers should be designed to be lighter, thinner, shorter, and smaller. The law of value of the market is ruthless, so the cost should be considered in the design. Many products with good performance are often neglected and eliminated because the price cannot be accepted by the market. The cost of product design includes not only material costs, production costs, but also R&D costs and design costs.


Therefore, in order to save time, according to the past experience, the iron loss ratio of the high-frequency power transformer, the leakage inductance and the magnetizing inductance ratio of the primary side and the secondary winding loss ratio, current density provide some reference data, the degree of window filling, Some proposals are recommended for winding wires and structures.
In some of the China transformer factory's core product specifications, in order to shorten the time for users to design high-frequency power transformers, some list simplified design formulas, and some use the table to list the transmission power of the core at a certain operating frequency. The high frequency press is a product (ie, a commodity), and the design principle is to pursue the specific function under the specific use conditions, and the pursuit of performance and price ratio is the best. The only criterion for inspection design is whether the designed product can withstand the test of the market.