Transformer China's energy saving methods and measures

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Transformer China's energy saving methods and measures

Transformer China's energy saving methods and measures

'Transformer China's  four measures for energy saving
 First, lowering the no-load loss

(1) Use silicon steel sheets or amorphous alloy sheets and step joints with excellent functions.

(2) Improve the structure and process of dead core and reduce the process coefficient.

(3) Do not stack the iron yoke, the silicon steel sheet is not painted, and the shear burr is controlled at 0.02mm.

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Second, reduce load loss

 (1) Using a wire drawn by an oxygen-free copper rod having a higher electrical conductivity than electrolytic copper, the conductivity is improved.

(2) Appropriately reduce current density, improve insulation structure, use semi-oil passage, pre-fabricated insulation, complete winding of winding, complete winding set, self-adhesive line, self-adhesive paper, reduce insulation volume, improve winding filling factor, reduce winding Dimensions with optimized design.

Third, reduce the loss of other components

(1) Improve the dead core structure, control the leakage flux of the winding in the design, adjust the balance of the ampoule to reduce the stray loss of the structural parts such as the fuel tank.

(2) Replace the tube radiator with corrugated oil tank, chip radiator and heat pipe, replace the old radiator with new structure radiator, and improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

(3) Use reinforced plastic fan to improve efficiency and reduce noise.

(4) Use magnetic shielding or electrical shielding to reduce the loss of fuel tank, and use non-magnetic materials as the binding member or magnetic flux separator to increase the stray loss.

Fourth, the task characteristics of the application task machine reduce loss

If the capacity changes synchronously with the transformer load size, eliminating or increasing the "big horse car" scene can reduce the loss. Due to the change in load, the voltage of the task machine is fluctuating, and many times the machine is separated from the high-efficiency task area. If the voltage is adjusted with the change of the load, the task machine will always adhere to the high efficiency of Zui, try to adhere to the three-phase current balance, eliminate or reduce the harmonics, and reduce the energy consumption.

According to the above four measures, the improved materials, component construction, mission principle and other methods can be used to save energy and a total of more than 20 types of transformers. If the measures are combined, energy saving will be more.