The power and properties of the isolation transformer

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The power and properties of the isolation transformer
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The main function of the isolation transformer is to completely insulate the electrical of the primary side from the secondary side and also isolate the circuit. In addition, the high-frequency loss of the core is utilized to suppress high-frequency clutter from being transmitted to the control loop. The isolation transformer is used to suspend the second ground to the ground, and can only be used in the case where the power supply range is small and the line is short. At this point, the system's capacitance to ground capacitance is not small enough to cause personal injury. Another important role is to protect personal safety! Isolate dangerous voltages. With the continuous development of power systems, transformers play an increasingly important role as key equipment in power systems. Its safe operation is directly related to the reliability of the entire power system operation. Transformer coil deformation refers to the axial, amplitude dimension change, body displacement, coil distortion, etc. of the coil after the force is applied. There are two main reasons for the transformer coil deformation: First, it is difficult to avoid the impact of external short-circuit faults in the operation of the transformer: Second, the transformer has an accidental collision during the transportation and lifting process. The transformer core flux is related to the applied voltage. The excitation current does not increase with increasing load in the current. Although the load will not saturate the core, it will increase the resistance loss of the coil. If the heat exceeds the rated capacity, the coil will be damaged due to the heat generated by the coil. If the coil you use is composed of superconducting material, the current will not increase. It causes heat, but there is impedance inside the transformer due to magnetic flux leakage. However, the current increases and the output voltage drops. The higher the current, the lower the output voltage, so the output power of the transformer cannot be infinite. If you say that the transformer has no impedance, then when the transformer flows through the current, it will generate a very large electric power, which will easily damage the transformer coil. Although you have a transformer with unlimited power, it cannot be used. It can only be said that with the development of superconducting materials and core materials, the output power of transformers of the same volume or weight will increase, but not infinite! The isolation transformer is a safe power source, which is generally used for machine maintenance and maintenance, and functions as protection, lightning protection and filtering. The primary and secondary voltages of the isolation transformer can be customized as required.

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