Switching power supply transformer pin wiring-China transformer manufacturer-Juke Industry

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Switching power supply transformer pin wiring-China transformer manufacturer-Juke Industry

Switching power supply transformer pin wiring

 The most important materials for switching power transformers are: insulating materials, wire materials, and magnetic materials. The switching power supply transformer and the switching tube together form a self-excited or other excited intermittent oscillator, which modulates the DC voltage into a high-frequency pulse voltage, and finally functions as an energy transfer and conversion. When the switch is turned on, the transformer converts the electrical energy into a magnetic field for storage, and releases the switch when it is turned off. In a forward circuit, when the switch is turned on, the input voltage is supplied directly to the load and the energy is stored in the energy storage inductor. When the switch is turned off, then the current is transferred from the energy storage inductor to the load. More simply, the role of the switching power transformer is to convert the input DC voltage into the various low voltages we need in our use.
Switching transformer pin related

Switching power supply transformers are not conventional transformers! It is both the energy storage tank inductance of the switching oscillator! It is also the load and feedback component of the switch tube! The transformer output is only one of the functions!

Common switching transformer oscillating coils have two feet, three feet, four feet, five feet, six feet, and the secondary depends on the output voltage level! The more voltage grades! The more secondary feet!
Switching transformer pin wiring


It should be 4 heads on one side and 2 heads on the other side. The side of the two heads should be the secondary. The 4 heads should be two coils. Use a multimeter to test it briefly. The winding 1 with high resistance is terminated with power +. One end is connected to the collector of the power tube, and the remaining winding should be the feedback winding. Specific wiring, you search the mobile phone charger circuit, you will understand, no trouble. If the feedback winding is connected incorrectly, the circuit will not start. It should be possible to change the two ends of the winding.


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 This is a switching transformer that provides an auxiliary power supply (standby power supply). Generally, one side of the four legs is the high side (input), and the side of the three feet is the low side (output). Since the design of the various power supplies is different, the pin definition must be determined by looking at the traces on the back of the board.

This transformer has few faults and nothing to measure: 4 feet and 3 feet should be completely blocked; 4 feet should be connected in pairs, if there is a short circuit inside the coil (usually associated with burning peripheral devices) come out.

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