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China transformer manufacturer Juke industrial transformer no-load loss calculation method

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Transformer no-load loss calculation method

The no-load loss calculation method of the transformer is that the no-load loss includes the hysteresis and eddy current loss in the iron core and the loss of the no-load current on the primary coil resistance. The former is called iron loss and the latter is called copper loss. Since the no-load current is small, the latter can be omitted, so the no-load loss is basically the iron loss.

Basic formula
No-load loss: When the secondary winding of the transformer is open and the rated voltage of the sinusoidal waveform of the rated frequency is applied to the primary winding, the active power consumed is called the no-load loss. The algorithm is as follows:
No-load loss = no-load loss process coefficient × unit loss × core weight
Load loss: When the secondary winding of the transformer is short-circuited (steady state), the active power consumed when the primary winding flows through the rated current is called the load loss. The algorithm is as follows:
Load loss = maximum resistance loss of a pair of windings + additional loss
Additional loss = winding eddy current loss + loop loss around the wire + stray loss + lead loss
Impedance voltage: When the secondary winding of the transformer is short-circuited (steady state), the voltage applied by the primary winding to the rated current is called the impedance voltage Uz. Usually Uz is expressed as a percentage of the rated voltage, ie uz=(Uz/U1n)*100%

basic unit
匝 Potential:
Where: B—magnetic density in the core, T
At-iron core effective cross-sectional area, square meter
Can be converted into a commonly used formula for transformer design calculations:
When f=50Hz: u=B*At/450*10^5,V
When f=60Hz: u=B*At/375*10^5,V
If you already know the phase voltage and the number of turns, the zeta potential is equal to the phase voltage divided by the transformer no-load loss calculation - the no-load loss of the transformer.
There are many factors affecting the transformer's no-load loss iron loss, which is expressed in mathematical formula, where Pn and Pw represent hysteresis loss and eddy current loss.
Kn, kw - constant
F——the frequency of the voltage applied to the transformer
Bm - the maximum flux density in the core / wei 2
n——Shijie Inmez constant, for commonly used silicon steel sheets, when Bm=(1.0~1.6) Wei/m2, n≈2, for the directional silicon steel sheets currently used, take 2. 5 to 3.5.
According to the theoretical analysis of the transformer, assuming that the primary induced potential is E1 (volts), then:
K is the proportional constant, which is determined by the number of primary turns and the cross-sectional area of the core. The iron loss is:
Since the primary leakage impedance voltage drop is small, if neglected,

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