Dongguan Juke Transformer - Wiring Group for Double Winding Power Transformers

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Dongguan Juke Transformer - Wiring Group for Double Winding Power Transformers

The three-phase transformer and the three-phase transformer group can be connected in a star shape, a triangle shape, and a zigzag shape. They are represented by Y, D, and Z symbols on the high voltage side, and are represented by y, d, and z symbols on the low voltage side, respectively. The high voltage is represented by the YN and ZN symbols, and the low voltage is represented by the yn and zn symbols. There are 12 types of wiring groups depending on the different wiring combinations of the three-phase windings. However, in order to facilitate the manufacture and use, China has originally specified five types of wiring groups: Y, Yn0 (Y/Y0-12); Y, Yn (Y/Y-12); YN, Yn (Y0/Y-12) ; Y, d11 (Y / △ -11); YN, d11 (Y0 / △ -11).
Y, Yn0 (Y/Y0-12): For distribution transformers. The primary windings are star-shaped and the secondary windings are neutral grounding.
YN, d11 (Y0/△-11) are used for high-voltage transmission lines, so that the high-voltage side of the power system may be grounded.
Y, zn11: The primary winding is a star connection, and the secondary winding is a zigzag connection (neighbor connection) with a neutral point grounding.
However, the above several wirings do not include D, yn11. In the distribution industry of the communication industry, urban power grid, industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings 10/0.4/0.23kV, the three-phase transformers that have been wired by the national stereotyped products Y and Yn0 for many years are the standards adopted before the former Soviet Union. However, distribution transformers imported from abroad have two kinds of wiring methods (D, Yn0; D, yn11). The transformers selected by domestic and foreign enterprises and the distribution transformers of most countries use D, Yn11 wiring.
China's national standard JGJ16-2008 "Electrical Design Code for Civil Buildings" has the following provisions for the selection of transformer wiring groups:
If one of the following conditions is concerned, the wiring group should be D, Yn11 type transformer:
2 Three-phase unbalanced load exceeds the rated power of each phase of the transformer by more than 15%.
2 It is necessary to increase the single-phase short-circuit current value to ensure the sensitivity of the low-voltage single-phase grounding protection device.
2 Those who need to limit the third harmonic content.

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