Power Transformer Installation (Electricity Engineering) Specification

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Power Transformer Installation (Electricity Engineering) Specification

1. How many installation methods are there for outdoor transformers? What are the general requirements for installation?

Answer: Installation form of outdoor transformer installation: Outdoor open-air installation transformer, also known as outdoor changer, can be divided into on-stage (ground) installation and on-column (pole) installation.

1) The pole is installed but the capacity should not exceed 315KVA; the rural installation transformer is not less than 2.8 meters from the ground, and the urban installation transformer is not less than 3.5 meters from the ground;

2) The transformer installed on the ground is not limited in capacity.
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2. General rules for installation of outdoor transformers:

(1) The distance between the outer profile of the transformer of 10kV and below and the surrounding fence or fence should consider the convenience of transformer transportation and maintenance, the distance should not be less than 1m; the distance in the direction of operation should be more than 2m; if metal is used Fences, metal fences should be grounded, and warning signs should be hung in obvious places;

(2) The height of the transformer-mounted pier of the ground is generally 0.5m, and a fence of not less than 1.7m shall be installed around it, and a warning sign shall be hoisted at obvious parts;

(3) Transformers of 315kVA and below can be installed on the pole. The bottom of the ground shall not be less than 2.5m from the ground; the charged part shall not be less than 3.5m from the ground;

(4) The platform on the column should be stable and firm. The waist bar is wound with Φ4.0mm galvanized iron wire for more than 4 turns and is even. The wire should not have joints. It should be fastened after winding. The waist block should not be less than 0.2. m;

(5) The secondary insurance installation position of the column and the above-ground substation shall meet the following requirements: 1) If the secondary side has an isolating switch, it shall be installed between the isolating switch and the low-voltage insulator, or the fuse is an isolating switch; ) If there is no isolation switch on the secondary side, it shall be installed on the outer side of the low-voltage insulator and connected with insulated wires across the insulated wires at both ends of the fuse;

(6) All high and low voltage leads on the pole and above the ground shall be insulated conductors;

(7) When the transformer is installed near the workshop with general dust exhaust vents, the distance shall not be less than 5m;

(8) The basic track of the transformer shall be horizontal, the gauge and the track shall be matched. The transformer equipped with the gas relay shall have a gradient of 1% - 1.5% along the direction of the gas flow of the gas relay (the manufacturer shall not Install the wheel stopper if you need to install the slope.