ETD type high frequency transformer

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ETD type high frequency transformer

1. Features of ETD type high frequency transformer
  ETD type high frequency transformer has the characteristics of convenient winding, moderate price and high reliability.
ETD type high frequency transformer.jpgThe ETD type transformer is a basic ferrite core with low loss, large output power, wide operating frequency, low temperature rise and stable performance. They are widely used in switching power supplies and in a variety of electronic circuits. The oscillation modes are full-bridge, half-bridge, single-ended, resonant, push-pull, etc., with excellent material properties, cylindrical center of ETD core. The column makes it easier to wind the wire, and increases the cross-sectional area of the winding, which can increase the output power, and is suitable for various switching power supplies, inverters, UPS, etc.

2. ETD34 high frequency transformer size appearance (unit: mm)
ETD34 high frequency transformer size appearance (unit: mm).jpg

Product Name  Style  Style Length Width High 1 Side PIN (PIN Distance) 2 Side PIN (PIN Distance) Row Distance PIN Trail

ETD34-01 Vertical I 36.0 31.0 40.0 6 5.0
                    6 5.0 25.0 Φ1.0

ETD34-02 Vertical I 43.0 32.0 41.0 8 5.0
                    8 5.0 25.2 Φ1.0
ETD34-03 Horizontal II 36.0 36.0 26.0 7 5.0
                    7 5.0 30.2 Φ1.0

ETD34-04 Horizontal II 41.0 41.0 30.0 15 2.5
                   15 2.5 30.0 Φ0.8

ETD34-05 Horizontal II 44.0 37.5 30.0 16 2.5
                   16 2.5 25.0 Φ0.8

The above is the common skeleton style of the company, other styles are not included in it, welcome to consult. The company can customize a variety of specifications ETD34 high frequency transformer according to customer requirements.
III. ETD34 high frequency transformer performance
  1. Working frequency: 50kHz-500KHz
  2. Output power: 20 to 500 W
  3. Working temperature: -40 ° C to +125 ° C
  4. Storage temperature: -25 ° C to +85 ° C
  5. Storage humidity: 30 to 95%

IV. Application of ETD34 High frequency transformer

 ETD34 high frequency transformer is often used in PC power transformers, LLC power transformers, communication power transformers, industrial inverters, etc.

 Five. ETD34 high frequency transformer price
 The price range of ETD39 high-frequency transformer is generally between 7.5-15 yuan. The price depends mainly on the process complexity of the product, the customer's requirements for raw materials, and whether it requires over-certification.