Application of inverter power transformer

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Application of inverter power transformer

Inverter power transformer
The high frequency inverter inverts the low voltage direct current into high frequency low voltage alternating current through high frequency DC/AC conversion technology, and then goes through high
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After the inverter transformer is boosted, it is rectified into a high-voltage DC power that is usually above 300V through a high-frequency rectification and filtering circuit. Finally, 220V power frequency AC power is supplied to the load through the power frequency inverter circuit. Advantages and Disadvantages of High-Frequency Inverter: The high-frequency inverter uses a small-sized, lightweight, high-frequency magnetic core material, which greatly increases the power density of the circuit, making the no-load loss of the inverter power supply small. The efficiency has been improved. Generally, the high-frequency inverter peak conversion efficiency is over 90%. However, it also has significant disadvantages, the high frequency inverter cannot be connected to the inductive load of full load, and the overload capability is poor.
1. Application of inverter Power Transformer

Inverter power transformer application areas: high-power switching power supply, such as inverter DC welding machine; electrolytic plating power supply; laser power supply, communication equipment power supply, high-frequency induction heating power supply. Inverter power transformer is a kind of AC220V AC that can convert DC voltage (usually DC12V/24V/36V) into the same AC220 for utility equipment (special specifications can be customized); such as car inverter It is a convenient power converter for vehicles. The car inverter power supply is used as a converter for DC to AC used in mobile, which will bring a lot of convenience to your life. It is a kind of standing car electronic equipment. The first step is to choose a professional, regular factory production or distribution agent for automotive inverter products. In some domestic users, some DC DC electrical appliances such as mobile phone chargers, laptops, etc. do not use their own 220V power supply and are equipped with a simple adapter to directly plug into the cigarette lighter. This is wrong. The battery voltage of the car is unstable. Directly taking electricity may burn the appliance. It is very unsafe and will greatly affect the service life of the appliance. Because the 220V power supply supplied by the original manufacturer is designed by the manufacturer for its electrical appliances, the regulator has excellent stability. Sex. The use effect has been greatly improved. In summary, the sine wave inverter provides high-quality AC power, which can drive any kind of load, but the technical requirements and cost are high. The modified sine wave inverter can meet most of our electricity demand, high efficiency, low noise, and moderate price, thus becoming the mainstream product in the market. The square wave inverter is manufactured using a simple multivibrator whose technology belongs to the level of the 1950s and will gradually withdraw from the market.
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   Inverter welding machine power transformer (pictured)

2. Structural characteristics of the inverter power transformer
1. The coil is made of F-grade or C-grade paint multi-cake type, which is arranged closely and evenly. The outer surface does not contain insulation layer, which has excellent aesthetics and good heat dissipation performance.
2. The core joint is welded by sub-arc welding. After the coil and iron core are assembled into one body, the process of pre-baking → vacuum immersion paint → hot bake curing makes the coil and iron core of the transformer firmly combined, not only greatly reduced It reduces the noise during operation and has a very high heat resistance rating.
3. The exposed parts are treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the terminals are connected by terminal blocks or copper-plated terminals.
3. Inverter power transformer use precautions
1, DC voltage should be consistent
Each inverter power transformer has a DC voltage value, such as 12V, 24V, etc., and the required battery voltage must be consistent with the DC input voltage of the inverter transformer. For example, a 12V inverter power transformer must have a 12V battery.
2. The output power of the inverter power transformer must be greater than the power used by the appliance. Especially for appliances with large power at startup, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, it is necessary to leave a larger margin.
3. The positive and negative poles must be connected correctly. The DC voltage connected to the inverter power transformer is marked with positive and negative poles. Red is positive (+), black is negative (-), and the battery is also marked with positive and negative poles, red is positive (+), black is negative (-), and must be positive (red) when connected. Negative (black and black). The cable diameter must be thick enough and the length of the cable should be as small as possible.
4, should be placed in a ventilated, dry place, beware of rain, and the surrounding objects have a distance of more than 20cm, away from flammable and explosive products, should not be placed on the machine or cover other items, the use of ambient temperature is not more than 40 ° C .
5, charging and inverter can not be carried out at the same time. That is, the charging plug cannot be inserted into the electrical circuit of the inverter output during inverter.
6. The interval between two starts is not less than 5 seconds (disconnect the input power).
7. Wipe with a dry cloth or an antistatic cloth to keep the machine clean.
8. Before connecting the input and output of the machine, first ground the casing of the machine correctly.
9. To avoid accidents, users are forbidden to open the case for operation and use.
10. If you suspect that the machine is faulty, please do not continue to operate and use. The input and output should be cut off in time, and the qualified maintenance personnel or the special maintenance unit of the company should check and repair.
11. When connecting the battery, please make sure that there are no other metal objects on your hand to avoid short circuit of the battery and burn the human body.