UU120 plasma high frequency transformer

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UU120 plasma high frequency transformer

One.UU120 high frequency transformer size appearance (unit: mm)
UU120 plasma high frequency transformer.jpg

Product Name: UU120-1

Type: horizontal

Style: I

Length: 200.0

Width: 152.0

High: 118.0

Mounting hole distance: 40*40*180

Aperture: 6.0

The above is the common skeleton style of the company, other styles are not included in it, welcome to consult. The company can customize uu120 high frequency transformers according to customer requirements.
Two.UU120 High frequency transformer performance

  1. Working frequency: 20kHz-500KHz

  2. Output power: 450to 2000 W

  3. Working temperature: -40 ° C to +125 ° C
 4. Storage temperature: -25 ° C to +85 ° C
 5. Storage humidity: 30 to 95%

 Three. Features of UU120 high frequency transformer

UU120 high-frequency transformer is a high-power step-up transformer. After boosting, the high voltage can reach 10KV~25KV, and the charged ions are directly injected. Plasma transformer, the principle is very simple, is to use the boost circuit to convert low-voltage DC power to high-voltage high-frequency AC, when the voltage exceeds 10kv or so can penetrate the air discharge, forming charged ions.

 Four. UU120 high frequency transformer application
   Plasma surface processor, plasma surface treatment machine, folder gluer surface processor, folder gluer surface treatment machine, plasma polishing system, plasma generator, plasma spray gun, plasma flame machine, low temperature flame machine, automatic folder gluer, paste Box machine. Low temperature plasma flame machine, etc.

 Five. UU120 high frequency transformer price

 The price range of UU120 high-frequency transformer is generally between 450-650 yuan, and the price mainly depends on the process complexity of the product and the customer's requirements for raw materials.
 And whether you have requested safety certification, etc.