JK400C four-axis motion controller

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JK400C four-axis motion controllermain feature:Industrial-grade man-machine interface, 7-inch TFT touch LCD,Professional interface design, convenient and quick operation,Embedded modular design, power

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JK400C four-axis motion controller

main feature:
Industrial-grade man-machine interface, 7-inch TFT touch LCD,
Professional interface design, convenient and quick operation,
Embedded modular design, powerful functions, customers can program according to their own needs,
Memory retention adopts battery-free design and EEPROM storage, the shortest retention is ten years,
Up to 256 sets of product data can be memorized, each with up to 120 steps,
The machine settings can be changed for different use occasions, and the application range is wider, such as automatic soldering machines, automatic winding machines, etc.,
The program can provide free upgrades,

Number of control axes: four axes
Control mode: position/speed
Speed curve: asymmetrical straight line/S acceleration and deceleration
Support electronic gear, multi-axis linear interpolation, continuous interpolation, customized winding instructions,
Interpolation cycle: 125us
Universal digital input: 32 (expandable to 128)
Universal digital output: 16 (expandable to 64)
Support shaft dedicated I/O configuration, U disk management function, customer customized service,
Expansion bus: RS485CAN-Open
Time password function: support 12-level time password
Multi-task parallel processing: 16
Programming language: G code
Power supply: DC24V, Max10W